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June 16, 2016

First Impressions and Last Chances

It’s common sense to wear a suit to job interviews, so why shouldn’t this convention be extrapolated to your digital presence?  Like a suit to an applicant, a proper website to a company is a tool to reflect its values, professionalism, and identity. Looking the part is equivalent to showing rather than telling, demonstrating instead […]

Design, Marketing
June 13, 2016

An app for you, an app for me, apps for everyone!

One thing that puzzles us is the lack of understanding of the purpose of developing a mobile app.  There are too many articles and developers pushing for all businesses to develop their own mobile app, citing reasons for “being visible to all your customers all the time”, “boosting customer loyalty”, “creating value for your customers”, […]

Strategy, Technology
April 6, 2016

Has Flash detered the audience you want?

Flash is more of a flashback to the past than anything nowadays and it may be devastating to the efficiency of your website in reaching your target audience.  Any digital marketing efforts could be highly counterproductive if the solution, the app, the site that is actually being marketed is Flash based, thus limiting your potential.

Marketing, Technology